7 Best Paintball Snipers Reviews 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Want to take the hall by storm by showing your friends paintball sniper skills?

Well, if you want to put everyone in awe about your new paintball sniper, then this is the way to get your dreams. It takes a lot of experience and craftiness to choose a perfect sniper. Sometimes we need a sniper just because we want to take part in our college or school shooting competition. If you want to steal the show, it’s a great idea to invest in a decent sniper to enjoy your competition from a whole new perspective.

Many people love to shoot targets from large distances. They dream day and night about shooting things far away. If you also want to pick the best paintball sniper rifle and live your dream. Paintball has rapidly become popular among people nowadays. It is played with friends as well as in leagues. Whether you want to go out with friends for shooting or want to contest in a league, picking a right sniper is very crucial.

Some people think that paintball is a vicious sport. On the other hand, Paintball is a sport that is purely made for fun. The only core purpose of this sport is to spread joy. It doesn’t support any sort of violence. With mandatory safety equipment, it is one of the safest sports played nowadays. These safety equipment include padded vests, jackets, pants, helmets and barrel guards.

Now let’s head towards our list of best paintball snipers. Just read till the end and you will find a wonderful sniper at the end.

1. Tippmann A-5 Sniper Paintball Gun-Best Paintball Snipers Gun

The first in our list is Tippmann A-5. This company is famous for its paintball guns ever since it has started. You can call this wonderful gun a perfect blend of accuracy, performance, and durability.

Technical Features

You will be surprised to know that it features an amazing system that allows it to fire 17 balls per seconds. All of the balls are accurate and hit the target with high precision. It is very easy to use this gun and very easy to operate.

If we talk about its structure, the gun uses a sturdy die-cast frame. It is one of the toughest markers available which not only gives high performance on the field but also features a solid design. When it comes to recoil, most of the guns don’t prove themselves perfect. This amazing sniper uses a shock-absorbing mechanism to minimize wear and social.

What’s special?

The resembling and striping quality is wonderful and takes only 60 seconds. All this process is done without using any sort of equipment thus making it easy to carry and conceal. It also features a 200-round stock hopper and an enclosed receiver to help you target your objects in a much better way. It can bear all kind of air conditions and is compatible with CO2, compressed air and nitrogen.

  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • Comes with an anti-fog mask
  • Perfect for beginners
  • You can customize it in so many ways
  • Quick customer care service
  • Weak marker
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Bottom Line:

One thing that really makes this sniper stand out is its versatility and easy-to-operate mechanism. You won’t find it difficult to fire and reload. It proves itself a perfect match for the best sniper rifle. All you have to do is to use it just for one time and you will find it amazingly easy to operate and handle

2. Wrek Paintball Project Salvo Sniper

Wrek Paintball Project Salvo Sniper

Wrek Paintball Project Salvo Sniper

Looking for something cool and amazing?

Here is another one in my awesome list for you, let’s check it out!

Technical Features

This wonderful gun has many amazing features. It has a sturdy ceramic barrel that has a length of 16 inches. You don’t need to worry about the inner surface because it is completely frictionless. It provides a smooth and fast process. You will never hear any sort of noise from this wonderful gun. If you love elegant guns, it offers an attractive and beautiful design.

The accuracy is not a concern anymore. You will find it perfect in accuracy as it uses a raiser rail that gives maximum convenience by using red dot sights and scopes. Beginner and worried about accuracy? No worries now! You will have a wonderful accuracy even if you are a beginner because it uses a large field of focus to help you hit your target in a better way. Wow, this is really amazing!

It is extremely fast when it comes to shipping and comes at an affordable price. These are the qualities that most beginners look for. It can be a great help if you need a solid gun within the very short delivery time.

  • Perfect for professional paintball sniper positions
  • Affordable
  • Quick delivery and wonderful response
  • A sniper with everything
  • Comes with a great marker
  • Fragile ceramic barrels

Bottom Line:

The reason you should go for this wonderful piece is versatility. It is a wonderful choice for people who love playing paintball in a sniper position. It features a wonderful marker to give a quick and consistent response. If you want to look like a real savage during your gameplay, this one is for you. The charm and performance is wonderful. Do give it a try.

3. Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Sniper

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Sniper

Looking for a highly customizable one?

Your search for a highly customizable sniper finally comes to an end with this exquisite gun. It features a six position stock that makes sure your gun never interrupts with the barrel. The tools are great as well, with an AR-15 style shroud and magazine you will have maximum convenience during your paintball shooting.

Technical Features:

If you are looking for a gun that can be easily upgraded and customizable then I am pretty sure you will cherish it. You can easily add parts from the same company whenever you want to upgrade your sniper. You can easily add a handle, sight, scope or any other part with its flat-top rail.

If we talk about its performance, it’s simply superb. With an aluminum 11 inches long barrel, it proves to be the strongest gun available around. Moreover, it also has a storage apartment to provide you with wonderful paintball experience.

Why is this so special?

Something that really stands out it the tool kit. It is wonderful to use. This maintenance pack has everything you need. Another good thing about this gun is that the mask provides great ventilation. It never fails when it comes to performance.

  • The kit is amazingly great
  • Tubes perfectly hold paintballs
  • Hopper is excellent
  • It shoots hard and is highly accurate
  • Semi-automatic

Bottom Line:

You can easily adjust the front and rear side. Yes! That’ why it is highly customizable. If you have learned the basic paintball sniper skills and thinking to buy a professional one, this one works great in this regard. You can easily pick plenty of game styles and strategies to give your game a professional touch.

4. Spyder MR100 Pro

Spyder MR100 Pro

Want to jump from newbie to Pro? Read this one!

Technical Features:

This gun is a great option if you’re looking to take your game to a whole new level. It comes with a well-organized Eko Valve that can shoot up to 16,000 shots from a CO2 tank. You can fire as quickly as other professionals around you do. You don’t need to worry about your tank getting empty in the middle of a crucial game.

The polymer clamping provides high durability and lifetime performance. Furthermore, if you have to carry other accessories as well, there is a railing system that allows you to mount many accessories. You can easily carry it around, the car shoulder straps facilitate high portability during your game.If you play in an area where there is a lot of fog and you can’t easily locate your targets or rivals, it features an anti-fog lens for this purpose. This is the reason why people want to buy it.

It is perfect because?

It also comes with one hundred and forty paint-balls, so you don’t need to buy them. Most guns don’t come with paintballs but in case of this gun, you won’t feel such a problem. Not only this but it also features a black hopper, 6+1 paintball harness, and transparent tubes.

  • A good option for a sniper with versatile functions
  • Fir for both intermediates and professionals
  • Easy to use trigger and safety
  • Features a marker with excellent performance
  • Great quality
  • CO2 tank isn’t disposable
  • Semi-auto

Bottom Line:

It is a great choice for people who are looking for a sniper that has many things in it. It is the best paintball sniper rifle that is both easy to use and light. Go for this wonderful gun with heavy duty pods and I am sure you won’t regret your purchase.

5. US Army Alpha Black Tactical Paintball Marker

US Army Alpha Black Tactical Paintball Marker

Looking for a gun with all-around performance?

This one is going to help you for sure! Let’s know more.

Technical Features

The 20 oz aluminum CO2 tank proves itself a perfect one during your gameplay. It features excellent paintball goggles to make your gaming experience more efficient.If you are always worried about the hopper in your gun, then it will stave off all of your worries. It provides a 200 round hopper along with a 6+1 harness tubes. Amazing!

This gun makes sure that you enjoy the best out of it. For this purpose, it comes with gun oil that can be used for proper care and maintenance every time you want to enhance your game. Similarly, it is very sturdy, consistent and elegant with a very affordable price. You will never find such wonderful sniper at this price again.

Why should I buy it?

Be it a fast response or maximum performance, it uses an in-line system and a durable aluminum die-cast receiver that allows you to play your game in a more professional way. The quick release feeder elbow also makes it easy to play and enjoy your game.

  • Fully customizable gun
  • Comes with a perfect barrel sleeve
  • Comes with its own CO2 tank
  • The hopper holds more than 200 paintballs
  • Maks is a little uncomfortable

Bottom Line:

You should go for this wonderful product if you are looking for a gun with high realistic in its performance and looks. If we count the qualities it gives, the price is very much affordable. It can be a perfect one if you are new to paintball and thinking to find a high-quality and affordable gun.

6. Carmatech SAR12C

Carmatech SAR12C

Carmatech SAR12C

Do you love unique things?

This marker comes in its own way. It is a gun that is magazine-fed and it doesn’t have any hopper. Seems astonishing right?

Technical Features

These types of markers can’t be easily found online as they are amazingly unique. With its bolt-action style, it is compact yet powerful. It can be of great help if you want to purchase a marker that can easily be fit in your backpack. Similarly, It is very much easy to carry uses fine quality material.

It is made up of material that offers durability and reliability. It has an excellent barrel of 20 inches and is perfectly made for First Strike. There are fours magazines that give you the ability to release the upper receiver with either of your hands.For zooming and magnification purposes, it uses Reticle scales to help you achieve your target in the best possible way. It maximizes the performances in a way that no other marker can achieve.

  • High performance
  • Accurate and fast
  • Fine quality material
  • Reticle scales for zooming
  • Expensive a bit

Bottom Line:

In my opinion, you should select this one for your paintball game if you are looking for an amazing sniper with good performance. It is specially made to provide accuracy over long distances. I am sure this is a wonderful choice if someone is going to buy a high performing and specialized gun which can easily hit targets over long ranges.

7. Tippmann  Project Salvo Paintball Gun

Tippmann  Project Salvo Paintball Gun

And here our last one that steals the show when it comes to picking a paintball sniper with perfect design. This super cool gun is made in a very realistic and elegant way. Be it execution or reliability, it proves itself a perfect marker every time you use it.

Technical Features

We are talking about Tippman products and the first thing that comes to our mind is durability. With its aluminum receiver, it gives high durability during your game. Furthermore, it features an inline bolt system that enhances its performance and gives you premium experience forever.

Something very special about this gun is that it is perfect for woodsball. If you are a woodsball player and looking for a stylish gun, this is the gun for you. You will be surprised to know the way it performs. A perfect choice for a hard-core woodsball player.

If you want to customize it, there are AR1 style shroud and fours rails for customization purposes. Not only this, but it also comes with a high performance 11 inches barrel to give high performance. You can also remove front and back sights as well.

What’s unique about this one?

There is no need to worry about the quality of material used as it is made up of high-quality stainless steel which ensures it never rusts or breaks. Furthermore, you can easily maintain it and carry it around.

  • Perfect for woodsball players
  • It shoots accurate
  • Easily customizable
  • You can adjust the fps yourself
  • Heavy

Bottom Line

Though it is a little heavier than the normal markers, it is a perfect choice for people who love woodsball paintball. It is compatible with various parts made by the same company. So go for this realistic and reliable paintball sniper and enjoy your game.


Every paintball sniper in the above list is unique in its own features. You should select a marker that better suits your type. Also, it will be better if you try out the gun before you purchase it. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an expert, you can easily find a perfect gun in this list of seven best markers.

6 Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Paintball Sniper

1. How Often Do You Play

Asking yourself this question is very important. If you are a kind of person who is going to play just once or twice in a week, you should use a rented one. The reason is quite obvious, a new paintball sniper will cost you 120-3000 dollars while a rented gun just costs around 15$. This amount makes a big difference. That’s why you should consider this option before going to purchase a new one.

2. What Is Your Budget

The second thing to consider before buying a sniper is budget. If you are a novice and also low on budget but still want to have your own sniper in your hand. Then you should go for a very low-cost sniper that costs around 20$ to 90$.

Once you improve your skills and have some money as well, you can jump to paintball snipers ranging from 100$ to 200$. These snipers have more features and are of high quality. If you want to contest in a competition etc, you can buy professional paintball snipers that cost above 500$.

3. Which Style Of Game Do You Prefer?

There are two types of the game played; woodsball and speedball. If you are thinking to buy a sniper for speedball then buy a sniper that can fire quickly because accuracy is not a major concern in this type of game.

But if you want to play woodsball, you will need a tactical kind of gun. During woodsball, you need more accessories like optics to better device your strategy. So first decide the type of game you are going to play and then choose a sniper accordingly.

4. Where Are You Playing?

It is very important to know about the field where you will be playing. In some areas such as leagues, you are not allowed to bring your own snipers as they want everyone to have the same level of equipment. However, you are allowed to bring your own markers in some areas with some restrictions such as the gun must have to be mechanical. Always consult with the sports authorities before buying a gun for competition.

5. Is The Feed Centered Or Offset?

Most of the beginners don’t know about the feed in the center or offset. They buy a sniper without considering this option. If you buy a sniper with centered feed typed, then the hopper is at the top center of the gun. The advantage of using this type is that it can be handled by both hands, well-balanced and easy to tilt.

On the other hand, Offset feed has a hopper on one side of the body. It allows you to aim right down the center. People who are good with conventional arms find this feed type very comfortable.

6. Can You Buy A Used Equipment?

If you are a beginner and confuse about buying a new gun. You should buy used equipment. It will be very easy for you to master the art of shooting with a used sniper. However, it is very difficult to find used snipers with fine quality. Furthermore, there is no guarantee of used arms and may break very easily. Always try to make sure these things and then decide whether you should buy a used one or a new one.

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