Top 10 Best Digital Pianos With Weighted Keys-Best Reviews and Guide 2020

One of the primary objectives of the digital Piano is to mimic the customary upstanding Piano without the healthy weight and absence of convenience. Furthermore, one of the most significant factors in reproducing credible piano experience is the vibe of the keys.

The Best Digital Pianos With Weighted Keys, and many even have evaluated hammer activity. That implies that the lower keys feel more substantial than, the higher keys, much the same as how they would feel on an acoustic piano.

Right now, we separate the best consoles with weighted keys. The pianos point by point here offers the absolute best genuine piano key encounters on instruments that won’t cost a lot.

Yamaha DGX660B:


Key Specifications:

  • Display Monochrome LCD
  • Included Accessories Stand
  • Dimensions 55 x 5.8 x 17.6″/1397 x 146 x 445 mm (without Stand) 55.1 x 30 x 17.6″/1399 x 761 x 445 mm (With Stand)
  • Weight 46.4 lb/21 kg (without Stand) 61.7 lb/28 kg (with Stand)

We should begin with the wanderer pieces. This advanced PianoPiano comes in both uncommonly separating. There are particular pack choices open, including things, for example, stands, seats, and speakers. We’ll clarify these choices later.

The help itself is a 88 key weighted console. It construes the solace development is progressively liberal on the lower end and lighter on the better quality to duplicate an acoustic piano and can re-attempt to your playing style. These assistance work with fingering quality and improves the framework for a novice entertainer. Besides, it additionally enables the console to feel dynamically like an acoustic piano for the more experienced entertainer.

The footswitch included turns the assistance on and off. The continued with work reproduces the sound of the damper pedal on an excellent piano. Regardless, various cutoff points can in like way be offered out to the foot pedal, for example, turning the mouthpiece sound on and off or utilizing it as a beginning/stop button.

  • Piano Room capacity to tailor your piano stable.
  • 192 note polyphony.
  • It has A large number of voices and impact settings.
  • Capacity to legitimately connect an amplifier.
  • Record to MIDI or legitimately to USB.
  • Great highlights for students.
  • Just iOS availability, not android or Bluetooth.
  • A few controls can be muddled.
  • Substantial.

Casio Privia px-160:


Key Specifications:

  • Keyboard 88 keys weighted scaled mallet activity three affectability levels, off Simulated coal black and ivory keys
  • Size Dimensions 52″ x 11.5″ x 5.6″ (w/o music stand)
  • Size Dimensions with Optional Keyboard Stand 52″ x 11.5″ x 30.2″
  • Weight 25.5 lbs (w/o music stand)
  • Weight with Optional Keyboard Stand 46.5 lbs

Casio is one of the top brands for acoustic and computerized pianos. An excellent choice for every single piano player is the Casio Privia PX-160. It is an advanced piano that is unimaginably easy to use. It is reduced and accompanies all the embellishments included. Casio pianos are known for their durable form and expert completion.

Customarily, digital pianos just accompanied highlights that were valuable to proficient players. The sticker price and the pointless highlights made many individuals avoid Casio. Yet, the Casio PX-160 accompanies highlights that are reasonable to both expert and novice players.

PX-160 piano furnishes a valid sound and accompanies an exemplary dark skeleton giving it an expert look. The PianoPiano has a variety of highlights that make it the ideal PianoPiano for all.

  • 128-note Polyphony
  • Speaker Performance
  • Reasonable 3-Sensor Hammer Action II
  • 60 inherent tunes and exercise include
  • Compact size and easy to move it around
  • Noisy keys
  • No LCD show
  • Support pedal is light and feels modest

Korg Lp 380:

Korg Lp 380


  • Measurements (WxDxH): 53.35 x 13.82 x 30.39 inches (with key spread shut), 53.35 x 13.82 x 36.85 inches (with key spread opened)
  • Weight: 81.57 lbs (counting stand)
  • Keys: 88, Real Weighted Hammer Action 3
  • Force Consumption: 15 W
  • Force Supply: DC19 V, A.C.A.C. connector
  • Contact Response: Heavy, Normal, Light
  • Polyphony: 120
  • Pitch: Transpose, Fine Tuning
  • Tunes: 30 (10 Sound Demo melodies and 20 Piano Demo tunes)
  • Intensifiers: 22 Watt x2
  • Speakers: 10 cm x2

The LP-380 is one of the slimmer, progressively rich plans that Korg offers; at only a little over a foot down, the LP-380 can fit anyplace, mixing effectively into any room. The additional insurance of the wooden key spread protects the keys when the Piano isn’t used.

To guarantee that the key spread closes delicately, Korg planned it with a delicate landing component. Even though the suspension is ultra-thin, it needs nothing in solidness.

Contrasted with the past model (the LP-350), the LP-380 is lighter and simpler to move and amass.

Playing the LP-380 all the more intently looks like playing a fantastic piano, on account of the computerized Piano’s Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 console; enters in the lower register have a more substantial reaction, yet the higher up the Piano an artist plays, the lighter the keys become.

Performers don’t need to stress over purchasing extra pedals for the LP-380; the damper pedal, delicate pedal, and sostenuto pedals incorporated. Players additionally have the alternative of half-accelerating on either the damper pedal or the touchy pedal.

The Line Out jack permits musicians to associate the LP-380 to a digital piano or a speaker framework. MIDI capacity expands the LP-380’s computerized availability, empowering artists to effectively move execution information between their P.C.sP.C.s and their advanced keyboards.

  • Thin, smooth structure
  • Genuine Weighted Hammer Action 3 Keyboard
  • Key Touch Control Function
  • MIDI Connectivity
  • Vitality proficient
  • Three standard pedals
  • Extraordinary for genuine piano understudies
  • Not truly convenient
  • No Line In association
  • Not the best-digital Piano for entertainers

Korg B1SP 88 Key:

Korg B1SP 88 key


  • 88-key completely weighted console with matte dark keytops
  • Normal Weighted Action (N.H.N.H.)
  • Contact Sensitivity (Light, Normal, Heavy)
  • Sound: Stereo P.C.M.
  • 120-note polyphony
  • Eight instrument sounds (3 pianos)
  • Modes: Duo (Partner Mode)
  • Metronome, Transpose, Fine-tuning
  • Speakers: 9W + 9W/(3.94″ x 1.97″) x 2
  • Associations: Headphone jack, Sustain Pedal jack

Korg is known for its moderate advanced pianos and consoles with incredible quality and contemporary plans.

Be that as it may, the brand is most likely not as mainstream as, state, Casio, or Yamaha that additionally offer some magnificent advanced pianos right now.

So Korg needs to strive to stay aware of the opposition and offer something new and inventive what’s more, right now, going to discover how this is going up until this point.

In mid-2016, Korg discharged two passage level models, the B1 and the B1SP. The two instruments accompany an 88-key sled activity console, 18W installed speakers, and 120-note polyphony.

Korg B1 is a compact advanced piano with an exquisite structure.

The long speaker flame broil on the front adds more character to the Piano and makes it stand apart from different consoles.

The B1 is a generally minimized console. It will effortlessly fit into a little room without jumbling the space.

The Piano can even put on a work area or a table. It’s not as advantageous as having it on a stand.

The B1 has a standard width (51.6″) yet is somewhat more profound (13.2″) than its principal rivals.

  • Portable
  • Particular, a la mode design
  • Completely weighted N.H.N.H. keyboard
  • Eight bona fide sounds
  • 18W speakers with Motional Feedback innovation
  • Top-notch included support pedal
  • Only eight instrument sounds
  • No USB terminal
  • No account/playback abilities
  • Very essential, barely any highlights

William Rhapsody:

William Rhapsody


  • Number of keys: 88 Key
  • Activity: Hammer activity
  • Number of voices: 12
  • Polyphony (max): 64
  • USB Connectivity: Yes
  • Earphone jacks: 1
  • Pedal information sources: 2

Weighted keys are a pivotal part of any console. Regardless of what Piano you end up with, you ought to consistently attempt to guarantee that they have this element.

The idea of their plan usually weights acoustic keys. With consoles, this segment should falsely make. A few consoles do this; many don’t.

Weighted keys are essential because they permit you to progress to an acoustic piano effortlessly.

Whether or not or not, you mean to play one sooner rather than later or not, it’s always pleasant to have the capacity.

Presently, the entirety of this stated, the keys themselves were not significant. We found that they felt somewhat plasticky. Progressively costly consoles frequently copy the ivory feel of genuine keys. Tragically, this Piano doesn’t deal with that.

The weighted console is an element that a great many people will appreciate.

You get twelve diverse sound alternatives here. It incorporates four distinct piano tones, an organ sound, and a few different instruments too.

Lamentably, we found the real nature of these sounds to be somewhat deficient. We’ll speak increasingly about this somewhat later.

The issue, however, through our eyes, was that the music did not have the subtlety of an acoustic piano. When purchasing right now, that is justifiable, however never valued.

  • Reasonable.
  • Quality furniture stand.
  • Weighted keys.
  • Sound quality isn’t the best.
  • Keys feel counterfeit.

Yamaha YPG 535:



  • Keyboard 88 Piano Keys,
  • Number of Sound Presets 500
  • Number of Song Presets 30 x Factory
  • 5 x User
  • Most extreme Polyphony 32 Notes
  • Air conditioning/D.C.D.C. Power Adapter PA-150, 12 VDC (Included)
  • Display LCD
  • Included Accessories Stand

Next, on our survey, we look at the Yamaha YPG-535. It is genuinely overwhelming, tipping the scales at 37 pounds. Be that as it may, all things considered. It is very smaller, so it will fit into most spaces.

Presently concerning the controls, there are heaps of catches on the control board – around 40 of them! Along these lines, this may be somewhat overpowering for the fledgling.

It appears as though each capacity accompanies its catch. Nonetheless, if you ever get lost, there’s the Grand Piano catch to return everything to the default setting.

The keys are somewhat average. They are semi-weighted instead of completely weighted.

They accompany Yamaha’s Graded Soft-touch – Yamaha’s most reasonable console activity.

Rather than hammers right now, console accompanies springs. In this way, it unquestionably doesn’t feel like an acoustic piano.

  • The YPG-535 accompanies 500 natural tones.
  • It additionally includes a 6-track MIDI recorder.
  • Incorporates the Yamaha Education Suite.
  • The bundle likewise accompanies a sturdy piano stand.
  • Keys are semi-weighted, which isn’t sensible to the vibe.
  • Just a 32-note polyphony.
  • The continue pedal included feels relatively modest.

Yamaha YDP 103:

Yamaha YDP 103

Yamaha YDP103 viewed as the lesser in the Arius arrangement of pianos. It is the most pocket-accommodating among the three in the Arius family. It is perfect for a genuine apprentice and a novice player who wishes to play the Piano in the best possible bureau setting. It does not have a few highlights which specialists and expert piano players should utilize; however, by and large, it is an incredible piano for fledglings just as genuine piano players.

The YDP103 discharge comes after the YDP143 and YDP163 in the Yamaha Arius arrangement.

The other two pianos are heavier on the wallet; however, they accompany more highlights.

The cost contemplations make the YDP103 an alluring alternative. As it were, it finishes the Arius line.

The sound quality is astonishing, and it has a brilliant look and feel, the pedal is short and capacities truly well. In general, it is an incredible piano, and an ideal one on the off chance that you need a decent energetic keyboard yet has a spending limit. It glances extraordinary in an examination and increases the value of your home.

  • High-grade polyphony with 64 notes
  • Ready to recreate the fabulous Piano solid
  • Incredible form quality and exemplary structure
  • Non-tricky keys
  • Reasonable
  • No LCD Screen
  • Rundown Element
  • Rundown Element

Yamaha YDP 143:

Yamaha YDP 143


  • Number of Sound Presets 10
  • Number of Song Presets 10 x Demo
  • 50 x Factory
  • 1 x User
  • Effects Reverb
  • Most extreme Polyphony 192 Notes
  • Execution Functions Dual Zone, Duet Mode, Transpose, Tuning Adjustment

The Yamaha YDP-143 highlights a Graded Hammer Standard (G.H.S.) activity with plastic keys. It implies there’s more opposition in the bass and less in the treble –t only like on an acoustic piano.

Even though there are no excellent mallets in the YDP-143, the keys have carefully weighted to feel like acoustic keys.

The matte dark completion on the colored keys keeps them from getting dangerous even with broadened playing time.

The excellent highlights of the Yamaha YDP-143 truly sparkle in a home computerized at this cost point. It is a decent advanced piano at around $1000 that has a lot of extraordinary highlights.

Just ten voices are incorporated, yet once more, in case you’re searching for a home computerized, you’re looking for an acoustic piano substitution, not the vast sound banks frequently found in compact consoles.

Our YDP-143 survey additionally noticed an astonishing 192-note polyphony.

So even the most multifaceted and confounded melodic choices will be heard unmistakably.

  • Reviewed Hammer Standard activity – the keys feel like merely playing an acoustic piano, so fingers gain quality.
  • Straightforward, rich cabinetry – this advanced home piano resembles an acoustic piano in your home.
  • Computerized pianos never should be tuned – you don’t have to stress over upkeep or where you place the Piano.
  • Auto power off – on the off chance that you neglect to kill the Piano, it will consequently die after a set timeframe.
  • Yamaha Pure C.F.C.F. Sound Engine – the terrific piano tones are inspected directly from a 9′ Yamaha Concert Grand, guaranteeing the most expressive acoustic piano-like sounds in each melody.
  • The YDP-143 doesn’t have a screen show – this may not be a con in case you’re searching for a progressively conventional-looking advanced piano. However, it might be a con on the off chance that you incline toward a screen to see which highlights you’re utilizing.
  • Not specific mallet activity – this would be to a higher degree a con for a remarkably observing player as the event is excellent. However, it doesn’t have worked in hammers.
  • Not a convenient advanced console.
  • May be out of spending plan for starting players.

Casio Privia 860:

Casio Privia 860


  • Keys/Sensors 88 keys
  • Three sensors for each key
  • Activity Type Scaled hammer activity
  • Finish White keys: ivory feel
  • Dark keys: coal-black feel
  • Contact Sensitivity 3 affectability levels, off
  • Off Velocity: Yes
  • Sound Engine AiR (Acoustic and clever Resonator) sound source
  • Polyphony 256 Maximum

The Casio PX-850 was well prestigious for its fantastic sound quality. However, this is unquestionably the territory where the new PX-860 is exceptionally ready to flaunt its qualities. When you take a seat at this dark advanced Piano and hit that first note, you would pardon for believing that you are sitting at the fabulous old Piano.

The acoustic sound on the PX-860 is very mind-boggling and appears to share substantially more for all intents and purposes with the overall sound quality recently found in the Casio PX-5S. It’s near as if the engineers of Casio have plunked down and chosen to make something that gave individuals the best of the two universes. For somebody who needs to feel like they are getting a charge out of a bona fide piano playing experience, this specific quality could be too enticing to even think about ignoring.

The work of this model is again fundamentally the same as the PX-850, in that it can have the best of the two universes. Casio likes their computerized consoles to look present day yet have an old-style feel to them, and this is something they achieve with the PX-860.

  • Furniture stand
  • Superb console
  • Worked in pedals
  • Delicate stand
  • Sound quality is somewhat empty

Yamaha YDP- 144:

Yamaha YDP- 144


  • 88-key completely weighted console with matte dark keytops
  • Evaluated Hammer Standard (G.H.S.) activity
  • Contact Sensitivity (Hard, Medium, Soft, Fixed)
  • Sound: C.F.X. Sampling
  • Reproduced Sound Nuances: Damper/String/Key off a reverberation
  • 192-note polyphony
  • Ten instrument sounds (3 pianos)
  • 50 preset piano tunes + 10 demo tunes
  • Modes: Duo, Dual

All the great has continued, however, a portion of the grumblings I’ve had with the past model despite everything apply.

As you would anticipate from an advanced piano, the YDP-144 accompanies a full-size, 88-key console, alongside a couple of sound system speakers, work. It makes it ideal for locally situated use and practice.

The YDP-144 comes in at a weighty 83 lbs., 12 oz (38 kg). As far as size, the measurements are 53.4″ x 16.6″ x 32″ (W x D x H).

If you are considering getting this for organizing use, at that point, you’ stuck between a rock and a hard place. The YDP-144 planned to start from the earliest stage to the left at home, and the solid structure mirrors that.

All the great has continued, however, a portion of the grumblings I’ve had with the past model despite everything apply.

As you would anticipate from an advanced piano, the YDP-144 accompanies a full-size, 88-key console, alongside a couple of sound system speakers. It makes it ideal for locally situated use and practice.

The YDP-144 comes in at a weighty 83 lbs., 12 oz (38 kg). As far as size, the measurements are 53.4″ x 16.6″ x 32″ (W x D x H).

  • Wonderful form quality
  • Incredible inclination and looking pedal framework
  • Weighted and evaluated console
  • the wonderful and dazzling tone of the C.F.X. show stupendous
  • Reenacted damper/string/key off reverberation
  • 192-note polyphony
  • USB Audio Interface work
  • 2-track MIDI recorder + 50 preset tunes
  • Not exactly outstanding G.H.S. key activity
  • Horrendous control conspire without the application
  • Negligible impacts, restricted tweaking choices
  • No Bluetooth


Getting a decent electric piano with weighted keys shouldn’t be troublesome. Anybody of the choices recorded above will do well to fulfill your necessities. Regardless of whether your spending limit is large or little, there is something out there that will fill your existence with lovely music.

The highlights, the worth, and the presentation settle on it an intense decision to beat. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that it isn’t for you, that is alright. The entirety of the choices we took a gander at was high-caliber.

While we can’t disclose to you which to pick, we can say that on the off chance that you browse this rundown, you won’t it be disillusioned.

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