Top 10 Best Digital Piano To Buy In 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

Well, the market is full of products finding the right one; meeting all your needs and requirements is not an easy task. There are plenty of options for you in the market that belongs to different brands and available in various price ranges. All you need is to clear your requirements and make a list of features you are looking for in Best Digital Piano.

In this modern world, professionals are expecting more & more with the evolution of technology. The top digital pianos are not only more realistic to play, but also they are equipped with several features that are a unique feature & that makes it more practical as opposed to the acoustic piano models.

Undoubtedly, the best Digital Piano is a vast topic to write on as products in the market are available in bulk. But here we try our best to make it simple for you! We have enlisted the top 10 Best Digital Pianos or Keyboard pianos which you can consider to buy in 2020. While going through each product, you will read a generic overview, pros, cons, and final words in short a complete roundup & comprehensive review of the product.

We have listed the best digital pianos for you with different price tags ranges from $1000 to $3000. If you are low budget then must go with the Best Digital Pianos under $1000, Best Digital Pianos under $500 & more.

Top 10 Best Digital Pianos To Buy in 2020 Reviews

Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Piano Review

Yamaha DGX-660

Yamaha DGX-660 is one of the best digital pianos with some features that are limited to the workstation keyboards. Among these features, one of the most notable features is a 6-track sequencer that depicts that you start production music instead of just playing the piano. It is equipped with the Yamaha’s Pure CF Sound Engine. The engine is not as expressive as of the CFX9, but it is one of the best of its kind.

The best thing about the sound engine is that it is capable of delivering iconic sound which commonly available on flagship models juts like Motif range. It has more than 150 voices & 16 drum kits.

Another crucial feature of this product is that DGX-660 is highly compatible with the XG Song files. It is as the part of Educational Suite of Yamaha & undoubtedly it is one of the best & most useful tools to build up your repertoire.

  • 6 Track Sequencer.
  • Pure CF Sound Engine produce iconic sounds.
  • Hammer Action Keys.
  • Stand included in the package.
  • Super easy to move when required.
  • The sound of the piano is not much expressive as compared to the CFX 0’ grand engine.

Final Words

There is nothing wrong to say that it is worthy for professionals who willing to compose the tunes, music, or need a digital piano for practice. Its 6-track sequencer is one of the unique & useful features for all. This product is far more than enough for all to produce their music.

Casio PX-870 Best Digital Piano Under $1000

Casio PX-870

It is one of the best offerings from the Casio. High Quality, Highly End Product now available for you at highly affordable price. The price tag is very pocket-friendly. You can get it under the category of Best Digital Piano Under $1000, means that you can get the best without breaking your bank.

It is regarded as one of the best home digital pianos, and it is specially designed by keeping in mind the home pianist.

It has terrific projection engine & hall simulator which allows you to enjoy the sound and acoustics. It gives you the feeling that you genuinely have a classical piano in your room.

It comes up with 18 tones. There is nothing wrong to say that it has an incredibly realistic feel with graded hammer action just like other competitor pianos.

It is also integrated with the tech feature like USB connectivity, option to record music on both audio & MIDI. Casio PX-870 is one of the best & enjoyable way to make music without spending gold.

  • Compact & Stylish Design.
  • Hammer Action Keyboard.
  • 18 beautiful tones.
  • Concert Play Feature.
  • Built-in MIDI & Audio recorder.
  • Portable.
  • Have limited sound effects.

Final Words

If you are willing to buy a Piano under $1000, then Casio PX-870 is one of the best digital pianos to consider. Much improvement has been made by Casio in PX-870, which makes it a part of our top 10 Best Digital Piano Reviews.

Kawai CE220 Digital Piano Review

Kawai CE220 is one of the leading brand and product in the best digital piano market. It makes a grand entry. It features several amazing & appealing features like

  • Glossy wooden keys

  • 192 notes of polyphony.

  • Compact & Efficient design.

  • Realistic pedal functions.

  • User-friendly digital functions.

The feel of Kawai CE220 is smooth and elegant. It is genuinely justifiable that it is super easy to learn and to enjoy effortless playing experience.

This piano has amazing realistic sound because each note is individually sampled. Every of 192 polyphony notes is capable of creating the music that is very similar to the acoustic piano. It is utilizing one of the latest progressive Harmonic Imaging technology of sound to record pure sound.

  • Compact Design & Stylish Look.
  • Unmatched Sound Quality.
  • Superb Sound Engine.
  • Not portable.
  • Lack of built-in synthesizer.

Final Words

To Sum up all, after considering all the pros & cons, there is nothing wrong to say that this device is respectful in all manners. Brilliant & unmatched sound quality. Several unique, appealing, and fantastic features as compared to other competitor digital pianos available in the market. It is highly recommended for both professional and learner. You will enjoy while playing & learning piano with Kawai CE220 best digital piano.

Roland RD-2000


Roland RD is one of the best & incredible products available in the market. A big thanks to the two significant sound engines SuperNATURAL & V-Piano. It combines the sound of piano & electric piano that are appealing. The weighted keys are the best as compared to any other Roland Keyboard till now.

This piano keyboard is ideal for most of the professional musicians. It can easily split up to 8 zeros with individual unique sounds. You can also layer up to eight different sounds, which is perfect if you want to create some unique patches. Any voices or music you create will be automatically stored into the internal memory of the piano & that is super easy to access when required.

The controls of this keyboard are amazing. You can easily control your DAW. Accessing sounds, playing loops & samples has never been accessible before.

You can easily control another parameter like voice, effects, nine assignable sliders and much more with extreme ease.

  • Genuine feel.
  • Highly versatile to perform a live concert.
  • Super easy to integrate with third-party software.
  • Zero-latency processor.
  • It combines both SuperNatural & V-Piano sound engines.
  • Not best for the beginners and intermediate players.

Final Words

RD-2000 is fully packed with several unusual & appealing sounds from strings to synths. It is a highly versatile product with several attractive features. Highly recommended for professional musicians who love to play with notes & patches.

Korg SP-280 Portable Digital Piano Under $1000

Korg SP-280

If you want the most portable digital piano, then here comes the Korg SP-280. With portability, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifices over the quality of sound and selection of music. It is very versatile & has an impressive range. A real variety of features makes it one of the best middle ground digital piano to play.

If you are a beginner, then you can easily take a full weighted hammer keyboard. While if you are a professional pianist, then you have the option of enjoying functions of 3 pedals at the same time that one of the acoustic pianos offers you.

It is not as light as most of the portable digital pianos are, the Korg SP-280 requires undoubtedly the less space because of its space compact & sleek design. It also has a streamlined stand.

The 99 Natural Weighted Hammer Action Keys produce the real feel of playing the most beautiful acoustic piano & this feel is far much better than other digital pianos under 1000$ price range. Secondly, the optional pedal offers the pianists with three-pedal same as an acoustic piano.

There is nothing wrong with saying that these two features make the SP-280 one of the best & great choice for the student & real performers who are familiar with acoustic pianos.

  • Portability.
  • Light in weight.
  • Streamline stand & sleek design required less ground space.
  • 88 Natural Weighted Hammer Action Keys.
  • Control function.
  • MIDI connectivity.
  • No built-in recording system.
  • No USB Connectivity.

Final Words

All in all, Korg SP-280 is one of the finest & highest quality digital pianos with several options for both professionals and beginners. The versatile nature of the piano, together with the full range of features make it one of the best digital piano to buy in 2020.

Yamaha P115 Best Digital Piano

Yamaha P115

Yamaha is one of the leading brands in the market. It is the ideal replacement of the P-105 model and, no doubt, one of the legendary portable digital piano. Yamaha has made several improvements in this model to compete well with its competitors.

This legendary model is fully equipped with the 88-fully weighted action keys, cable to produce 14 musical instrument sounds, 14W speaker system, built-in audio recorder, and much more impressive features.

The most exciting & appealing feature which stands it out among other brands is its Intelligent Acoustic Control, increment in polyphony numbers, & sound boost functions. There is a lot more waiting for you with Yamaha P115 best Digital Piano.

The overall design of the piano is compact & efficient occupy less space & also light in weight. To be exact, 26 pounds only. Due to its lightweight, one person can easily carry it from one place to another place.

The product is super easy to store while not in use, which makes it suitable, particularly when you have furry friends at home.

There is nothing wrong with saying that P-115 is one of the premium choices for live performances. It is super easy to move; that’s why it is called portable.

  • 88 Full Weight hammer action keys.
  • Portable.
  • 192-note polyphony.
  • 14 Musical instrument sounds.
  • One of the best instruments of Yamaha.
  • Few Options for sound customization.
  • No USB Connectivity.

Final Words

There is nothing wrong with saying that it is one of the premium & best portable digital piano. The versatile nature of the piano, together with the full range of features make it one of the best digital piano to buy in 2020.

Korg LP-380 Best Digital Piano Under $1000

Korg LP-380

If you are a beginner or a serious student, then I must say that it is an ideal product for you. It is best to learn piano with extreme ease. Super energy efficient digital piano that doesn’t compromise on the quality of sounds and features of the professional piano. There is nothing wrong that with that price range, you can get better than that! That why we feel it is worthy of adding it to the list.

Undoubtedly LP-380 is one of the best all-round digital pianos with several features. The unique and appealing features of this product make it best for the student, including the three pedals with Korg LP-380 Digital Piano, no need to buy any additional pedals. For the student, it is a highly cost-cutting solution.

  • Slim & sleek design makes it space-efficient.
  • Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 keyboards.
  • Vital Touch Control Function.
  • Super Energy Efficient.
  • Including 3 standard pedals.
  • Best for Piano Students.
  • Lack of portability.
  • NO line connection.
  • Not for the performers.

Final Words

No doubt, it is a grand digital piano for serious students. The Korg LP-380 gives you a more realistic sound and feel. Though it lacks some of the features like extra connections, portability it is still an excellent option for beginners. And above all, it is highly affordable.

Kawai ES110 Best Portable Digital Piano Under $1000

Kawai ES110

Kawai ES110 is an excellent replacement for ES100. It is one of the new & best digital pianos by Kawai. Not only digital but also portable under $1000. So, far Kawai ES product line comes up with just Two pianos, the ES110 & the advanced one ES8.

But in the category of best piano under $1000, the Kawai ES110 is one of the best & portable digital pianos. No need to break your bank to experience more realistic sounds & feel. Grab the Kawai ES110 because it is highly affordable.

There are more love and respect for the Kawai ES110 due to its offering features and price. It is offering a basic sound set of 19 sounds. It is considered as one of the best digital pianos for the gigging musician.

The overall sounds and feel of the piano are realistic. The weight of the keys is very satisfying. It also equipped with great connectivity features.

The overall weight of the instrument is just 25 pounds, only 12kg. That’s it super easy to move from one place to another place. A single person can move it with extreme ease.

  • Best for the gigs.
  • Satisfying the weight of the keys.
  • 192-notes of polyphony.
  • Equipped with 8 piano tones.
  • 100 rhythms.
  • 106 preset songs.
  • MIDI connectivity.
  • Irregular spacing between the piano keys.
  • MIDI recorder.
  • No USB ports

Final Words

To sum up, all, while reviewing the instrument, ES110 lead a great impression on me. It is one of the best digital pianos under $1000. Extreme light in weight, supernatural to move, and realistic sounds experience.

Roland RD-64 Under $1000 Portable digital Piano


It is one of the most compact options in portable digital pianos. Extreme light in weight to be exact just 13 Kg & due to its sleek and slim design, it can easily adjust at the back of your car seat.

Just like other Roland Digital pianos, it comes up with the SuperNatural piano engine. It offers a great depth of unusual & appealing sounds that offer realism in terms of quality and feel. It is capable of producing 12 tones using organ & clavinet sounds.

Most precise & such responsive weight keys are not very common for such products. It also equipped with some built-in sound effects, for instance, reverb & EQ. You can also set up it with the INTEGRA-7 modular system to channel the sounds.

It is highly versatile in producing sounds & due to its great weighted keyboard, and it is highly recommended for beginners and serious students. Experience pianist can also use it well.

  • Accurate weighted keys.
  • Light in weight.
  • Quality of sound.
  • Practical Choice.
  • Electric Piano.
  • Clav & Drawbar organ tones.
  • Super onboard effects.
  • More realistic sounds
  • Reverb is not adjustable. Just ON & Off functionality.
  • Lack of MIDI.

Final Words

To sum up all, Roland RD-64 is best for beginners, serious students, and experience people. If you want weight on your finger as you want, then pick this model & add it in your cart. You will enjoy playing it.

Kawai KDP90 ExtraOrdinary Digital Piano Review

Kawai KDP90

The Kawai KDP90 offers extraordinary feel & sounds at a sensible cost. The Kawai KDP90 is an excellent portable digital piano choice for the students/beginners or just as for some progressively experienced players. This model is a four-hands model, which implies that the keys identically placed together, which make it simpler to learn & play.

The symphonious imaging sound innovation of the 88 essential offering F graded hammer. It is polyphony worked with a vibe pedal framework. It offers a sliding cover together with a stereo speaker sound system.

It offers impacts like reverb and three different impacts, which is a decent touch. It accompanies an excellent (furniture quality) coordinating seat that looks incredible and is extremely strong. So, you can say that it is ready to play when you have it in your dorm.

Everything about this best digital piano is a high caliber. The moving parts, the speakers, the bureau, and the seat all look and work extraordinary. The item depiction doesn’t specify the seat; however, the seat is incorporated.

The Kawai KDP90 is perfect for anybody on spending that needs a reliable musical instrument piano; however, it wouldn’t like to need to break their financial limit to purchase that one.

  • Great Cabinet finish.
  • 88 keys right weight hammer-action keyboard.
  • Sliding cover.
  • Realistic, sound quality, and feel.
  • Built-in recorder.
  • Premium reverb effects.
  • Concert magic.
  • 2 built-in speakers.
  • MIDI Connectivity.
  • Lack of Chorus Effect.
  • Lack of USB port.

Final Words

There is nothing wrong with saying that it is one of the best digital Piano for beginners and professionals. Capable of all great features that enable the users to boost up their skills in a satisfying manner.


There are numerous exciting points while looking for the best digital piano for you. Start by the point of what you’ll be utilizing the piano for and what sorts of music you need to play.

There are several digital pianos explicitly intended to copy the sound, look, and feel of an acoustic piano with an excessive number of additional & appealing features. There are additionally electric pianos that offer a genuine sound of the piano and realistic feel, yet accompany additional sounds and may even be compact.

Everything depends on your needs and spending plans. This best digital piano guide should give you a decent start-up point to select the best & most amazing digital piano for you. Best of Luck!

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